In order to co-operate with me you have 2 options:

1. Choose STYLE COACHING – a flexible model of working on your style, adjusted 100% to your needs

2. Book a specific session for yourself or as a gift for another person:

IMPORTANT! I usually work within Warsaw and its suburbs. However, if we are meeting for a minimum of 4 hours I can come to your town / city. In such case the Client needs to cover the cost of transport additionally.


Style Coaching is  a model of co-operation in which we set a long-term goal of developing your complete overall style. During our sessions I use all of the stylist’s tools flexibly – colour analysis, body shape analysis, wardrobe styling etc. Advantages of this model are as follows:

– We develop style which will make you look & feel beautiful but will also be tailored to your LIFESTYLE.

– You will start using clothes consciously as an element of your IMAGE, i.e. to send a particular message – in your everyday life, at work, on dates, at job interviews and in any other situation.

– Your style will become UNIQUE. This will enable you to stand out and express your PERSONALITY.  Sports Lux, Urban Street Style, Bohemian, Timeless Classics or maybe a Retro vibe – which trend do you like best?

– You will receive a MOODBOARD with a style suggestion and rules to follow. It will be designed particularly for you to match your body shape and beauty type. It will serve you for ages.

Price: PLN 150 / hour


Believe me, shopping with me is real fun and means the end of fruitless hours of shopping on your own. However, if you want to save time, when I get to know you better, I can shop for you – online or offline. We will try the clothes on at your place and we will decide which items can stay and which ones need to be returned.

Price PLN 150 / h.

IMPORTANT! Usually I work on the territory of Warsaw and its suburbs. However, in case of meetings of a minimum of 4 hours it is possible for me to come to your town / city. In such case the Client needs to cover the cost of transport additionally.


This one is a crucial element of building coherent style and image, which will make you look and feel wonderful. Thanks to this session:

– You will learn how to create outfits from clothes you already posses in your wardrobe.

–  We will spot pieces that don’t flatter you or don’t match your wardrobe.

– We will go through clothes that just take space in your wardrobe, which you bought but you don’t really know how to wear them. We will decide whether to keep them or let them go.

– We will make a list of garments and accessories to make your wardrobe complete and reliable regardless of the situation.

Sometimes you need to let go of the old to make space for the new. However, I always follow the rule that clothes we don’t need might serve those in need. That is why every person who  donates any unwanted pieces of clothing to one of the two organisations -Emaus Women’s Shelter or  Gifts of Compassion Charity Center – will receive a PLN 100 discount for any of my services.

Price: PLN 150 / h

Exemplary looks created from the initial closet of one of my Clients:


During our session we will determine colours that suit you. You will find out how to mix colours, how to use them to serve your body shape and make you look younger (or more mature – if that’s what you need). Colours influence your life more than you expect. They transmit energy, impact your mood and well-being and also send a message to other people. I will teach you how to use colour as an element of your  overall coherent image.

I conduct colour analysis according to the school of JULES STANDISH – a leading authority on colour in Great Britain. I met Jules  when I studied Fashion & Styling in London, and she was the one who trained me in this area. Her attitude is a little bit more modern than a strict classification according to four seasons – Spring, Summer, Autums, Winter. It is based on these principles, but it also teaches you how to use colours that you like but which not necessarily are within your color palette. Therefore it enables you to slightly break the rules and wear things that make you happy.

Price: PLN 350


Thanks to this service you will find out how to create outfits that flatter your body shape and – if necessary – even change its proportions. We will emphasize your assets and hide your imperfections. We will define garments and particular cuts that make you look – depending on a result you are looking for – younger or more mature, classic or  modern, smart or casual.

Price: PLN 350

If you want to book a meeting or have any questions 

e-mail me at  or call me at 504 004 432.